Trade enquiries

Trade accounts

We offer two types of trade account
Proforma account
You do not have to buy any sampling
You need to have a professional website showing us you are an interior designer or curtain maker

Stockist account
You are asked to buy all the books that we have available, we have 3 books currently available each book costs £85 plus VAT.
You need to have a commercial shop or showroom plus a website.

We do offer a designer cuttings pack which has a sample of every fabric we do, these cost £127.50 plus VAT and contain 85 samples, they are not for display but a tool for designing

These are available for both account types, proforma and stockist.

If you would like more information about setting up a trade account, please email

International customers we cannot set up trade accounts for separate designers. We deal through showrooms, you can find these showrooms on the International stockist pages.

We cannot offer trade accounts If you do not have a professional website. Most of our business is conducted online and we like to see who we are dealing with. We cannot accept Instagram or Facebook pages. We like to see what your business does, see your projects and style.

We cannot give trade accounts to property companies who are using the products for their own projects, we can only create accounts for companies who are selling the fabric onto the general public.