Tsarina (blue)

Tsarina (blue)

Tsarina fabric was influenced by a story from my father about my Gt Aunt Kathleen who wrote down a story about the Tsar Nicolas II assassination. My Gt Aunt Katherine was living with her parents in Switzerland at the time, her father and my Gt Grandfather was a British diplomat. She came to help a Russian courtier from the entourage of Tsar Nicolas II. The story goes that the Courtier was with the Russian royal family just before their deaths and they were sitting on a train waiting to reach their destination.  Once they arrived all the Royal party managed to leave the train but when this courtier tried the train doors they were locked and she was left on the train and could not get off. The train continued on its journey and her life was saved. Somebody must have known something and did not want her to get involved or meet a similar fate as the Russian royal family. Somehow she managed to find her way to Switzerland and she stayed with my Gt Aunt Kathleen who helped her get back on her feet and start a new life.

How to buy

Collection -Summer Tea
Name – Tsarina Blue
Composition – 50% cotton 50% linen
Width of fabric – 142cm
Pattern repeat – 44cm
Care instructions – Dry Clean
Origin – UK
Designer – Charlotte Gaisford
(available in 0.5m increments)
minimum order – 1m
Lead time – 7 to 10 days from payment date.
Suitability – Suitable for all kinds of soft furnishings, light upholstery and curtains

How to buy
I am officially trade only (that is why I do not show any pricing) and deal with Stockists in the UK and internationally. I do understand that you might not be near a stockist or want to deal with me personally and in this case you can deal with me direct. When you contact a stockist they should be able to sell you just the fabric or wallpaper,  some stockists offer a making up service and it is up to you if you use their services or not.
How long before I get my fabric and wallpaper
All my fabric and wallpaper is printed to order, I do not hold any stock.
The fabric takes about 7 days to get back to me, I check it and then send it 24 hour insured courier to you or your curtain maker.
The wallpaper can take a little longer from 7 to 10 days, it depends how busy the printers are.
It is possible to fast track an order but you would need to email me 

I am very happy to send out 6-8 free samples with a 24 page brochure which shows my full range, just email me with a list of what you would like.
If you need more than the allocated amount of samples, tell me a bit more about your project and I will see what I can do!

Please note: I can’t send samples out to students or for craft projects at the moment

If you are a design studio please contact me direct if you need samples, my email is charlotte@charlottegaisford.co.uk or
telephone me on 07766073701