Tea for two storm Wallpaper

Tea for two storm Wallpaper

Tea for two is a horizontal stripe which feels very comfortable on the walls. This design has to be one of the most useful patterns I have created. The fabric version goes with everything and so does the wallpaper versions. Like quite a few of my wallpaper patterns I am trying to create a pattern which will not dominate the room but will add texture and atmosphere and compliment the pictures and furniture you put on the wall infront of it. It won’t be the first thing you see when you walk in the room but it makes a much better impression than just painting the walls a single colour. Paint on its own is great but all your decorations have a harder job doing the decorating. If you wallpaper all walls or just a few walls it takes off the decorating strain. Remember its not just one thing in the room which does the decorating and creates the look it is everything put together from the carpet, walls, furniture soft furnishings. It is the overall effect which is important, wallpaper can really add some personality to your room.

How to buy

Tea for two storm

Non-woven/Non Coated 52cm wide 10m long roll
Pattern repeat 3cm drop repeat

How to Buy

Samples please email Charlotte with a list of samples, we can send 6 fabric and 3 wallpaper free of charge.

How to buy If you would like to place an order, email Charlotte or contact one of Charlotte’s stockists in your area.