Hermitage Birds B fabric

Hermitage Birds B fabric

Hermitage Birds was the starting point for the Hermitage collection. This design was my interruption of hand painted 1740’s Chinese wallpaper panels found in a bedroom of a house called The Hermitage. This house is so near to Hexham and right on the banks of the Tyne but it is totally hidden away and you would never know where it was unless it was pointed out to you. Jane my friend who owned house had rented The Hermitage to a family who had lived in it for 100 years, they had kept everything and the house was literally a time warp when the last member died. The local auctioneers were rubbing their hands when they saw how stuff was going to be sold which had not seen the light of day for decades! Jane was going to sell the house and she asked me to try and create a representation of the Chinese paper. At first I thought there was no way I could do it and I was very apprehensive. I thought I would give it a go and went to take lots of photos, I managed after many hours of hand painting on my MAC to produce the finished design. I have tried to use the true colours of the original paper but I changed the background colour. It was a hard job and very time consuming but I was so pleased with the results, originally the handmade paper had a massive pattern repeat of 2m x 2m, I managed to reduce this down to 52cm x 1.3m which is still quite big but this is what makes it stand out.

How to buy

Collection -The Hermitage
Name - Hermitage Birds B
Composition - 100% cotton panama 309g/m2
Print width after pattern matching - 148cm
Pattern repe
at - 1.31m
Care instructions - Dry Clean
Origin - UK
Designer - Charlotte Gaisford
(available in 0.5m increments)
minimum order - 1m
Lead time - 7 to 10 days from payment date.
Suitability - Suitable for all kinds of soft furnishings, light upholstery and curtains

How to buy
I am officially trade only (that is why I do not show any pricing) and deal with Stockists in the UK and internationally. I do understand that you might not be near a stockist or want to deal with me personally and in this case you can deal with me direct. When you contact a stockist they should be able to sell you just the fabric or wallpaper,  some stockists offer a making up service and it is up to you if you use their services or not.
How long before I get my fabric and wallpaper
All my fabric and wallpaper is printed to order, I do not hold any stock.
The fabric takes about 7 days to get back to me, I check it and then send it 24 hour insured courier to you or your curtain maker.
The wallpaper can take a little longer from 7 to 10 days, it depends how busy the printers are.
It is possible to fast track an order but you would need to email me

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I can send you 6 to 8 samples plus a 28 page brochure which shows my whole range. 

I am often targeted by crafting/student groups who search for free fabric and wallpaper samples for their projects, I can usually tell who these people are so I don’t send them the samples.

If you are genuinely  looking for inspiration and would like  samples please email me and tell me about your project and I will be able to help you. If you have an ongoing project and need more than 6 samples please let me know and I will see what I can do!

If you do not live in the United Kingdom I can send you samples but I will have to charge you shipping, please email me for more information. I do have a list of International stockist you can contact.

If you are a design studio please contact me direct if you need samples, my email is charlotte@charlottegaisford.co.uk or
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