Elephant room scheme

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Elephant room scheme

I have created these room schemes because I think there are some people who really struggle when they are trying to decorate a room and don’t know where to start. I really hope I can give you some inspiration and make it easy to see how you can decorate a room using my fabrics. These schemes are a bit of an experiment and I have really only used my fabric, plain fabric and paint. I will be creating more schemes and I will include wallpaper and trimmings  next time. I just wanted you to get the idea of how they worked first before I added more.

You do not have to use all the fabric suggested but you might get an idea of what fabric goes with what and see them in relation to each other. Download the files and use them as a reference and email me if you would like me to send you some samples.

If you want to see all the schemes together I have created a little book and written about how I decorate a room and the stages I go through, You can visit the whole book here to read more

.All my schemes are free to download and share, they are a gift to you from me


How to buy

Download this room scheme and use it for inspiration for your own home.

Elephant room scheme by Charlotte Gaisford

Visit the full publication to read about how Charlotte Gaisford decorates her rooms and how to use these room schemes
Charlotte Gaisford's
Little Book of Room Schemes 

Please download and share

How to buy my fabric

You can buy via a stockist or direct from Charlotte Gaisford

We do have a list of stockists around the UK who will be able to sell you fabrics and wallpapers direct. 

Please note quite a few of them are interiors designers and they might not mention they sell interiors fabrics so you do need to email or ring them and they will be able to help you. 

Our trade accounts are limited so it is better to go through a stockist, We do get contacted by smaller soft furnishing companies on behalf of their clients but we can’t always open trade accounts because we have a strict application process.

Direct from Charlotte Gaisford
If you do not want to deal direct with a stockist or you do not live near a stockist it is possible to buy direct from Charlotte Gaisford just send us an email with what you would like to buy and we can give you a quote or email you an invoice. 

How long before I get my fabric and wallpaper
All the fabric and wallpaper is printed to order, we do not hold any stock.
The fabric takes about 7-10 days to get back from the printers, we check it and then send it 24 hour courier to you or your curtain maker.
The wallpaper can take 7-10 days, it depends how busy the printers are. The lead times can be longer if the printers are busy, this is usually in the Autumn.

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We would love to hear about your project and we can send you 6  samples plus a 28 page brochure which shows the whole range. 

We have often been targeted by crafting/student groups who search for free fabric and wallpaper samples for their projects, we can usually tell who these people are so we don’t send them the samples. 

It is our policy that we never charge for samples and our brochure.

If you have a serious project You can request more samples once you have received the brochure. 

To request samples please email us with a list and give us your address and we can send asap.


If you would like some inspiration on how you can use Charlotte Gaisford fabrics within your decorating scheme please look at the online book Charlotte Gaisford has created

The Little book of room schemes

You are welcome to download and share the book

We have started a section on the website which shows you what fabrics go together, we have added some of the popular ones but we will keep adding to this section

What goes with what

Read an article I wrote about how I decorate for Homes and Garden magazine
Homes and Garden January 2021 

How to mix patterns in a room