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I have really enjoyed designing every single one of my wallpaper designs. They have given me so much creative satisfaction and designing them has taken me on the most incredible creative journey. They are a collective mix of patterns and most will tell a story of how it was created. Often I am asked to look at old wallpapers in a historic building and given the opportunity to bring them back to life. This was the case for the Healey Monkey wallpaper which was originally found in the night nursery at Healey Hall in Northumberland. The original paper had monkeys faces which appeared terrifying to the small boys who stayed in the night nursery, I made sure they were much kinder for my version of the paper.

Colour is always an important factor when choosing the perfect scheme, because I am in charge of every stage of the design I am able to change colours to suite the scheme. Often I have stumbled across papers I think would work really well within my collection by changing the original colours. The Recoloured collection I reused Georige Girl and found an older version of this design, I recoloured it to go with Healey Monkey and Tiger Blue wallpapers.

Some wallpapers are created by accident and Funky Elephant was spotted by a US designer on my Instagram account, it was only a digital copy and she wanted it as wallpaper. It was a very old image but luckily I hadn’t deleted it from my files and I was able to run tests and have it printed. It was snapped up and now I sell it as part of my range.

Tiger Blue was born when I had an important magazine coming to my house to take photos. I have large windows and big curtains in another fabric in my kitchen, I knew this had to be replaced quickly so my fabric would be seen as opposed to the original fabric. I wanted to create a half drop repeat, large scale and a dramatic design. There was a lot of sketching and drawing and I shared my creative journey on social media, Tiger Blue fabric was eventually created to make my large curtains. I then thought shall I have some wallpaper printed to see how it turns out! I was amazed at how successful it was and now it is one of my best sellers, selling all over the world and have been featured in international press regularly. I was lucky enough to have the front cover July issue of English Home magazine featuring my Tiger Blue curtain fabric!

I am always looking at ideas for wallpaper, usually the fabric comes first and then the wallpaper. The wallpaper I sell has been so well thought out and by the time it reaches you it has been on its own creative journey. I have such pleasure seeing my designs in situ, I call it useful art and I love the fact it is repeated and makes a room sing. I could never have been a picture artist being restricted by a frame. My designs go into infinity and just keep going.