Summer Tea Fabric

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I was fascinated when I was approached by a genealogist who was researching the royal houses of Europe. She sent me a page from her latest research project which was the descendants of King Charles II. The sheet of paper covered my immediate family up to my gt grand mother Lady Lily Stopford, so she only wanted to know a few tiny details about my family before she published this work. I had no idea how closely related my family was to King Charles II when I bought the book and saw it was 10 generations and we descended directly from his first mistress Lucy Walters. The connections continued all the way down the first born son until it reached my gt grandmother. What is really strange is I am writing this information after I designed this collection but I had originally based it on King Charles II and Lucy Walters. Lucy Walters was responsible for bringing tea drinking in the British Isles and had made it very fashionable. This is why I have called the printers names like Tea For Two and because she was a mistress I have named the bird print Madam Birdie. It’s so funny how this turned out to be such a coincidence of timing.