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I have tried to make this collection colourful but also relaxing at the same time. The knot pattern is very useful and can be used as a backdrop because it is a great scale and will mix in with lots of other fabrics. Grace is a calm pattern which is very soft and subtle, this pattern makes very relaxing looking lampshades and cushions. Zoe is a striking pattern and has an organic feel of loose stitches none of which are the same size. I have made this a larger scale, so it has maximum impact in any scheme. Halo is a more sophisticated design and looks so interesting on cushions and used for curtains, it is a clear and strong design with bold background colours. Emma is the folk-art horizontal stripe which has the pretty flower, again nothing is meant to be even which adds to the charm. The colours are quite bold, but I am not good at subtle colours and I think if you are going to buy and use a designer fabric you want people to notice it. The colours can be used on their own or mixed and matched.