Mountain Flowers

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We used to own a little wooden chalet in the Swiss Alps, it sounds more glamorous that it was and I would say it looked more like a scout hut than your classic Heidi chalet. The chalet was called Les Mesanges which means The Swallows in French, the village we lived in was called Vercorin and it was so authentic and pretty. All the chalets had turned black over hundreds of years and they were all huddled together as if they were trying to keep warm. When we first arrived in the village I wandered where the tourist buses were because it was such a sweet and pretty place. There were none and I think the tiny goat track of a road up to the village made it impossible for any large buses to venture. Vercorin was part of a valley and within the valley there were lots of other villages just as pretty and authentic as Vercorin. I named the Mountain Flowers collection after all these pretty villages. Chandolin Flower was inspired by old paper cut pictures found in historic alpine houses. I was amazed at how colourful they were and not just black and white which is portrayed today. Happy times were had skiing and walking up to the open pastures in the summer. I love Switzerland, beautiful dramatic countryside with mesmerising colours all year around.