China Bird

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Happy Star smoking blue digital-01
China bird Where's CockyIMG_1757
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China Bird
Where's Cocky green digital-01China Bird
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China Bird blues and green
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Lucky Fortune olive digital-01
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For this China Bird collection I really wanted to created something that was simple but hand rendered at the same time. In the beginning I did so much painting and just loved this media using gouache paints. There is something so relaxing about putting watery paint onto really absorbing paper and watching it dry into strong colours. For this collection I really enjoyed just using my imagination and creating my own design out of my head. I remember getting up really early one Saturday morning and painting Where’s Cocky design on my kitchen table. The original design is really quite colourful but making it one colour I still achieved the flow and found it had a more calming effect printed in one colour.

The other designs in the collection were influenced from a mix of sources from American quilt designs to detailed flower designs I had created but had put away because I did not have a use for them at the time. I often find motifs I have created for other collections being brought forward into the next.