Do you stock the fabric and wallpaper?

No everything is printed to order for you

What are the lead Times?

The fabric takes 7-10 days to be printed and sent onto you, during busy times it can take up to 2 weeks for the fabric to be printed. We inform you if we think there is going to be a delay and we email you when we are sent tracking information from the printer’s courier so you will know when the fabric it on its way. We are very conscious of sending you your fabric as quickly as possible.

Wallpaper lead times are very similar to the fabric lead times.

How much are delivery charges?

Fabric orders over 3.5m will be sent directly from the printers and costs £19.95. It is expensive to send rolls of fabric because they cannot be placed onto a conveyor belt and have to be physically handled, £10 handling charge is included in this price.

Fabric orders 3m and under will be sent folded via Royal Mail cost £4.50

Wallpaper orders 2 rolls plus cost £10.50 sent via a courier

Wallpaper orders of 1 roll will be sent via Royal Mail and costs £4.50

We use different printers for wallpaper and fabric, if you order more than 3.5m and 2 rolls of wallpaper we send you a separate charge for wallpaper because this will be sent from us when it arrives and the fabric will be sent directly from the printers, you will have two separate deliveries.

If you order a large quantity of different fabrics which adds up to more than one roll being sent, we will add on a £10 non conveyor belt charge per extra roll.

Is the fabric suitable for upholstery?

Our fabric is only suitable for light upholstery, for example an occasional bedroom chair and headboard. We cannot guarantee it for heavy use upholstery because the fabric is dry clean only and cannot be wiped with a damp cloth. It is not a good idea to use the fabric for upholstery if it will be near pets, small children and food

Does your fabric have a Martindale rub test?

Another reason we cannot recommend our fabric for heavy use upholstery is because we cannot provide a Martindale rub test. This is because the fabric is digitally printed and we would have to provide a separate test for each fabric, it depends how much ink is on the surface, so it makes it impossible for use to provide this information.

Is your fabric fireproof and would I have to get it treated?

The fabric is not fireproof by default. Usually, designers organise to have the fabric treated by a specialist company, we can arrange to have the fabric sent direct to the fire-retardant company.

How do I find out the pattern repeat of the fabric and wallpaper?

Every product has its own page on the website which give you all the information you need about the fabric or wallpaper including the pattern repeat.

 How do I care for the fabric?

All the fabric is dry clean only and cannot be put in a domestic washing machine or tumble dryer. Please do not wipe the fabric with a damp cloth or scrub the surface.

What are your prices?

We do not show our prices because we sell the fabric internationally and we have different price tiers for different parts of the world. If you would like to know the prices, please email us and we can let you know (UK only). There is just one price for all the fabric and wallpaper, so it is very straight forward

How do I pay?

When you email us with an order, we email you with an invoice showing all the costs, at the bottom of the invoice you will find our bank details, we accept a bank transfer, as soon as we see a payment coming through, we then order the fabric or wallpaper. We do not accept card payments online or over the telephone.

How do I find a stockist?

If you have a look on our website, you will see a link ‘Stockists’ and here you will a stockist map. If you type in your postcode the map will show you which stockist are near you.

What happens if I am not near a stockist?

You are welcome to buy direct from us, you just need to send us an email with what you require, and we can email you an invoice.

 Can I order from you direct?

If you do not want to order through a stockist you can order direct from us, you just need to send us an email.

Do you have end of line remnant fabrics?

No, we only print what we sell so we never have any spare fabrics for sale

What are the wallpaper instructions?

The wallpaper is all ‘paste the wall’ wallpaper and you can use any type of paste to attach it to the wall.

How do I work out how much wallpaper I need?

You need to look at an online calculator which will help you work out how much wallpaper you will need

Here is a link to the calculator we use

The information you need is
The width of the roll 52cm
the length of the roll 10m

What type of repeat the wallpaper is, for example, half drop or straight

The width of your wall
The height of your wall

You need to calculate for each wall, and you will find out how many rolls you will need

Why do you not offer a design service?

We are very sorry, but we do not offer a design service, we are not trained interior designers. We just design sell the fabric and the wallpaper. We have added inspiration pages to the website so you can see what fabrics will go with other fabrics and wallpapers.

Do you sell internationally?

For the USA we only sell through US showrooms, we cannot sell direct to designers and individuals. Please look at our international stockist page on our website.

 We sell to all European countries, but we would have to give you a shipping quote before emailing you an invoice. From June 2021 all sales to Europe will be subject to VAT which will be collected before the goods are delivered.