Easy cushion instructions

Things you will need:

  1. Fabric at least 0.5m or enough to cut out 3 x 18inch squares,   you can use the same patterned fabric or a mix
  2. Scissors
  3. ruler
  4. pins
  5. pen
  6. sewing machine
  7. paper template made 18 inches square or however big your cushion pad is.

Step 1.

You need to make your paper template and cut out a square with accurate right angles, tape pieces of paper together to make it big enough. 

Step 2.

Pin your square paper pattern on top of three layers of your fabric or you can cut one out at a time. Once secure you can draw around your pattern using your pen and ruler and then cut, you will end up with 3 square pieces of fabric 18 inches square.

Step 3.

It is a good idea to neaten your edges before you start making the cushions this will stop the edges fraying, Use your zig zag stitch on your sewing machine and just zip zag around all the edges of the squares.

Step 4.

You need to make the back flaps of the cushion first, there is no measuring involved. Choose which 2 squares you are going to use for the back flaps. You repeat this process for both back flaps.

Iron the flap in half and then fold one of the halves again into the centre along the ironed crease, cut along the fold and then neaten this edge with the zip zag stitch, repeat the same process for the second flap.

Step 5.

You should still be able to see the centre crease made with the iron on the back flaps, fold the shorter/cut side again into the centre and pin in place. Use your straight stitch and sew across to secure. You can use your machine foot as a guide to sew along the neatened edge. Repeat this process for the second flap.

Step 6.

You can now assemble the cushion. Start with the front panel with right sides facing you. Lay one of the flaps right side facing down so you have right sides together. Position the flap so it is matching the outside edge of the front of the cushion and the neatened edge is lying across the centre. You then need to pin them together and sew around the three outside edges of the cushion. Repeat this process for the second flap.

Step 7.

You will have now sewn all around the outside of the cushion so all components are now together, start to turn the cushion inside out and pay attention to the corners. Use a thick pin or sharp edge to pull out the corner so they are neat and sharp. Roll the edges of the seams so you can see the stitching, this is because we are going to iron the cushion for the next stage.

Step 8.

Iron the cushion so all the seams and edges are sharp and flat then we need to straight stitch a border about 1.5cm/1 inch wide all the way around the cushion cover, this will create your pretend piping border. Try not to make this too wide otherwise you will make the cushion cover too small and pad will not fit snugly. That’s it! We have now finished and you can stuff the cushion pad into the cushion cover.

Well done and I hope you enjoyed making your Easy cushion cover!
I will be making another tutorial to show you how to make a very similar cushion but with real piping.

Thank you

Charlotte Gaisford


Easy Cushion instructions Charlotte Gaisford