The story of my new wallpaper, Healey Monkey and Hermitage birds drawing room

I have added some new wallpapers to my site and I thought I would give you the stories behind them. Firstly I have added a wallpaper called ‘Healey Monkey’ in two colour ways ‘Amynta’ and ‘Jamie’.

Amynta Warde-Aldam asked me to come and see the old wallpaper in the night nursery at Healey Hall in Northumberland. This has been Amynta’s home for many years but her family have been part of a Wedding venue business based at a farm they renovated a few years ago. It has been a great success and now they need to provide more accommodation for the guest. Amynta and Jamie her husband are moving out of Healey Hall into another large house next to the church in Healey village. The wallpaper in the night nursery has been in existence since the the 1950s, Jamie and his brother remember having nightmares looking at the faces of the monkeys. I have to say this was a very sophisticated wallpaper to have in a child’s bedroom, there is nothing babyish or cute about it in any way, obviously Jamie’s mother had good taste. I took some photos and then got to work creating a wallpaper for Amynta, she wanted to take it to her new house and also change the colour ways.

To cut a long story short it took me three weeks to create the wallpaper we have now, I looked at all the colour layers and traced and adapted it by hand, I reorganised the repeat, which is half drop and make sure it was 52cm wide, the repeat pattern is about 53cm. Amynta who is accomplished fashion designer wanted to help with the colouring process, she arrived with the colours she wanted to use in her drawing room. A friend of hers is producing British Standard colours paint and Amynta had some examples. We set about matching the colours with the Pantone TPX range and then added them to my design. It was great fun working out which ones would work best, we eventually decided on 4 colour ways and these were sent off to the printers for samples. What came back was amazing, we were so pleased and it was great having someone else to share the joy with on their arrival. Amynta took the samples home and decided on using three of the colour ways in her new home, they were ‘Original’, I worked out these colours from the photograph so it was a bit of a guess but they worked out really well, ‘Amynta’ is the name of the colourway Amynta chose for her drawing room, it is made up of lovely soft colours, very warm and has a slightly cream background. The ‘Jamie’ colour way is very striking with the most amazing blue dramatic background, very masculine and this have been used in a bathroom.

I have been busy lately and Amynta keeps sending me photos of all the wallpapers as they go up in her new house, I cant wait to see the finished rooms.

We were very interested to see what the copyright was of this paper and looked and looked and looked everywhere to find a reference to this paper. We did find a paper in the US from Scalamandre

We think that this paper must have been inspired by the paper in the night nursery at Healey Hall, it has the same layout but is much more graphic and stylised. The scale is double size and 12 screens have been used to produce the wallpaper. The faces on the people and animals are much clearer and not frightening. The paper in the night nursery only used about 6 screens, I did change the faces on the monkeys to make them look much kinder, on the original paper the monkey faces looked very human with a sinister glances.
With further research we found the original source was from work by Jean Baptiste Palliement (24 May 1728 – 26 April 1808), he was a famous chinoiserie painter and elements from his compositions have been included in the wallpaper from Healey Hall to make the composition.


Here is the photograph I took of the original wallpaper at Healey Hall, the colours are quite bright and primary but is mimics the original work by Jean Baptiste Palliment. There are no lions in the compositions and the faces are very vague compared to the Scalamandre paper. The Healey Hall paper is half the size in scale, much more crude but more more true to the original artworks.


Here are some photos of what I managed to achieve, we changed the colours to suite the projects we were working on.

This is Healey Monkey ‘Amynta’ colour way

This is Healey monkey ‘Jamie’ colourway.

I am going to use ‘Amynta’ colourway in one of my spare bedrooms, I have added a moodpboard of how I am going to decorate it incorporating my fabrics.


Finally the last wallpaper I have added to this blog post is the Hermitage Birds ‘Drawing room’ wallpaper. Hermitage birds is one of my designs from my first collection, inspired by a wallpaper found in an old house on the banks on the river Tyne. I have been selling the fabric very successfully and it came in three colour ways, blue, green and ochre. I recently had an open House Studio and needed to do quite a bit of decorating to get ready for this event. The drawing room has been a recent addition to our house for just over a year, I had decorated it but thought it needed a bit more. Originally I had painted 2 walls in Little Greene Olive and left 2 walls a cream colour. It needed more but I had already made four sets of large curtains and wasn’t going to change them, I decided to create a bespoke colour way of the Hermitage bird pattern, I had mixed and matched lots of different fabrics for the cushions and upholstery on my moodpboard. I decided to be a bit radical and used a strong turquoise blue to compliment the green curtains, I didn’t really want any more green in there so it had to be a different colour. I thought of pink, light blue but this did not give enough depth. I bit the bullet had the paper printed and then decorated in the room, I was so pleased with the results, it is something very different and adds warmth and depth to the room.

Hermitage Birds ‘drawing room’ colour way

Here is another picture of the mood board and drawing room itself

 I am now going to add these wallpaper to my site to do have a look at them on the wallpaper section of my site
I will post again soon, I have been so busy lately

Charlotte X