By popular demand The Countess wallpaper has arrived

When I first started this business I made the mistake of letting another company print wallpaper using ‘The Hermitage’ range. Little did I know they were only a start up company and did not want to spend money on marketing. They showed my wallpaper on their website and I had links from all my Hermitage fabric pages to go to the wallpaper pages. I spent a great deal of money on a copyright lawyer protecting the designs, EadesBespoke were meant to give me commission on their sales. To cut a long story short they went bust and never paid me for any of the sales of my wallpaper, I learnt the hard way. Now I have my designs back and I can now print them myself and be in control of production. The Countess is the one paper I have been meaning to have made back into a wallpaper, I am so pleased with the results, it is now available to buy, if you would like a sample do please send me an email and I can put one in the post.