Photo shoots of mixed collections

I have added two photos here of a mix of all my fabrics, I really wanted to see how they worked together. It is impossible to try and co ordinate each collection with the next but there will always be areas that will work well together. I always say greens and blues are easy to match together and very few tones clash. Yellows and pinks are much harder to match. I love colours and enjoy putting combinations together, I don’t think I can do calm and plain colour schemes. I understand that you can’t use too many patterns together and you need a bit of breathing space by using a plain or small pattern. When I design my collections I try and have a ‘Show Stopper’ , 3 different scales, a spot and a stripe. My collections can be combined really well together but you don’t have to use all the fabric I suggest, only one or maybe two will work well. I try and design my fabric so each one will stand out on it own.


The fabrics in the above picture are: Bertie pink on the lampshade, Lady in waiting blue cushions, Madam Birdie full green cushion, Georige Girl DP for the chair cover. The back ground fabric is Lady in Waiting blue. The wallpapers on the floor are Tea for Two natural and soft blue with The Emperor blue.


The fabrics used in the this photo are Madam Birdie soft green for the headboard, Madam Birdie full green and Lovely Sophie for the cushions, the bed covers have been made from Tea for Two green and Lovely Sophie.