New designs back from the printers

I am having a bit of a Blog night tonight, I have been conscious that I haven’t posted for some time. Time has taken over and I have been really busy with my business and looking after my family. I started this company just over a year ago and it has taken over my life, sometimes you just feel too tired to think of anything exciting to say on my Blog. That is why I am doing a bit of a catch up tonight.
Just showing you some photos of fabrics which have come back from the printers. I haven’t added them to the site yet because I have quite a bit of work to do before they can make an appearance. I have to make cushions, curtains etc out of the fabrics, then create lifestyle photo shoot shots which I can use to send to the Media and my customers. I need images to make postcards etc to send out with the samples, which I also have to make. What is against me is this time of year for photography which is not good for natural light, hoping we might have a sunny day in winter is wishing a bit much! I will see what I can do, but I will hope and pray instead. Once I have carried out my work I can add them to the site so customers can ask for samples.

I have added some photos below for you to have a look at, they are all printed on Linen Union, I have some variations of Lady in Waiting and some new designs called ‘Dressy’ and ‘Cambo’. Dressy was inspired by a funky dress I saw hanging up in a photo for sale on Ebay, I loved the bold print and designed my own version of it. Cambo was influenced by some designs I saw on some ceramic plates I found in the kitchen at a National Trust property near me called Wallington Hall. I look for pattern inspiration everywhere, I am drawn to shapes and colours, mixing them together and thinking of a clever way to put them into a repeat pattern.

new-175101web new-175105web



new-175111web new-175113web