Rix Interiors Bedroom creation using Charlotte Gaisford fabrics

I was very pleased to be sent this great photo from Bernie Rix of Rix interiors who created this great scheme using my fabrics. I think what she has done is so original and really shows off the fabric well. The walls are covered in very trendy wallpaper and the colours all seem to work well together. The fabric she has used is Charley Bird Blue for the lampshade and the bedspread. The cushions have been made out of Bertie Pink, Hermitage birds blue and finally Georgie Girl LP.

I named Georgie Girl fabric after my twin sister, my Father’s nick name for her was Georgie Girl, short for Georgina and my nick name was Charley Bird. I still get called Charley Bird by some people today.
I couldn’t resist putting this photo on my blog to show you all. Well done Bernie we love it!!