New Swatch Boxes for Trade and Designers

Swatch box low res
I am introducing a new samples system which I hope will work for any interior designer or curtain maker.
I am supplying a box for all my collections, a box per collection covered in the wallpaper which relates to that collection. Within the box there are cards showing the whole collection and samples of each of the fabrics. For example within the Hermitage collection there are 29 fabrics attached to cards showing the whole pattern repeat. This will give the customer an idea of colour, and quality of the fabrics. Some of the designs have larger pattern repeats so it is difficult to show even from a fabric book, we are also offering returnable samples.
These boxes can be used to show to a customer or make up mood boards, you can give the samples directly to the customer at the time of a visit. You need to email us with which samples you would like replaced and how many postcards you would like. We can also send directly to the customer on your behalf too. We can replenish this Swatch Box indefinitely and this is all included in the price, which is £35 plus delivery per box.

We have changed our system because it was too costly to make the fabric book, we only sold them at cost and this was still expensive at £80 per book. The alternative was to make the books smaller but I don’t think this would have worked, and the price would be not much less. With the Swatch box you can compare fabrics and look at them in different situations, you can see the full repeat and we can add in extra items such as plan fabric swatches you can use to compliment the collection, lifestyle shot postcards you can give away etc.

Swatch box contents low res

We hope you like them and I will be showing them off at the April Interiors show at CABMFF at Cheltenham Racecourse on Monday 25th April. Do come along and have a look.