New Nursery fabric collection

I haven’t blogged for a few months now and have been conscious not to have put any more information onto the site re news etc. I seem to put most info on Facebook and Instragram, on social media there always seems to be a steady stream of people looking at your ideas straight away, blogging seems a bit slow and only a few people really read what you have to say. I use this blog as a bit of a diary to show what we have been up and the add the latest news and ideas.

We added a new nursery collection to the fabric section. This is a bit of a micro collection because I was inspired by a small piece of wallpaper I found lining a drawer that used to belong to my grandmother. She lived all over the world and this piece of furniture always reminded me of her because it was made from Camphor wood which has a lovely distinct smell and is meant to stop the moths getting into your clothes. This particular chest of drawers was always an awkward shape and I never used to have a place for it, it was too big and tall for our house. I used to use it for all my linen but now it has ended up in the back parts of the house. I found this piece of wallpaper in the top drawer and always admired it, it was a soft pink with clouds in the background showing bunnies and ducks in various situations, playing together, flying a kit, going shopping etc.. it was so charming I decided to use it as an influence for this collection, I took some of the elements and combined and created two patterns, one with bunnies and birds and other showing the ducks.

I was really pleased with the end result and I think they look really sweet! Great for a nursery or a first room for a baby. I have had the fabric printed off onto a linen union which is 50% cotton and 50% linen, this gives it a quality feel and weight. I have added images of some of the items I have made and created using the fabric. I made a metre of cushion panels with the characters blown up larger and that has worked well. The lampshades were easy to make with a kit which are readily obtainable. I hope you enjoy these designs and much as I do.

All the nursery fabric can be found here



Hot water bottle
Teddy close up dancing ducks
Ducks bed scene