Saturday Telegraph 22nd August

I was delighted to be featured in the Saturday Telegraph magazine in the Design Report section. They had emailed me and asked for a image on my website. They obviously did their research because they never asked for any copy. I thought it was going to be a tiny picture but actually it was larger than I thought. We had so many enquires and interest it has been great.

We have had to start reducing the amount of free samples we give away on the site. We have now made it 4 free samples and then £1 a sample after that. A bit of a shame but we felt that people were just ordering them because they were free. Some people emailed us and told us they were using them for card making and crafting which is not really want they were intended for. We have also offered a service of providing a large sample for a returnable deposit, this will help people decide which fabric they would like to use for their projects.

We are also thinking of offering fabric pattern books for our trade customers. We would love to have any comments of thoughts relating to this question. Do you look at and need to have a pattern book to make a decision about buying fabrics for interior projects?

Below I have posted the photo of the article in the Telegraph, I would have posted this sooner but I have been away for a fantastic break in the West of Scotland and only just got back.