First wallpaper going up

I am so excited I was sent a text message with a photo of my very first roll of wallpaper going up in a real house! It was Camilla Straker who sent me the photo and she has been the first customer to order Camilla WB wallpaper. She has had to wait a few months while I have had a battle getting it printed and sorting out the manufacture. Camilla has a gorgeous drawing room where the paper is being used. It will create impact but will also look great against the wood and the traditional features of the room. I am hoping she will send me another picture once the room has been completed. It has been interesting trying to get wallpaper produced, much harder than I thought.  I will post later with the details of the problems I have had in manufacturing my own wallpaper. I am so please she will enjoy my design for years to come and I am sure that room will see many parties and fun.

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