New Designers 2015

We had an interesting week at New Designers at the Business Design Centre in Islington. Not knowing what to expect when we got there all went smoothly when setting up our stand. One girl did not make an appearance so we all had a bit more space than previously thought. I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the position of our stand because we were on the balcony which was very dark and right next to another section which had nothing to do with textiles. We envied the universities who were on the main mezzo floor they had gorgeous natural light and all their work looked great!

The first day it wasn’t opened to the public until 3pm. We were expected to stand next to our stand from 9 am so our stand could be judged for various awards. I have to say we did not see one judge come anywhere near us. It was also very sole destroying waiting for hour after hour with nothing to do! eventually the public were let in and it did get a bit busier.

The whole experience was not really what I expected, I think if you are a young student who has just graduated it is a great opportunity to get a placement with a big company for a few months and earn some valuable industry experience. This wasn’t really what I was looking for, I was hoping for more people their wanting to buy things but this wasn’t the case. I did get good feedback about my fabrics which was good but I don’t really think that my main client base were going to be going to New Designers. The show became quite boring and a bit like drawing teeth, we had very few industry people come to our stand but maybe because we were difficult to find. Other girls on the stand felt the same way as me and were looking for buyers or investors but this show was not that sort of show. I think you just have to put it down to experience and it was great to see what else was out there. It was a great opportunity to see what other colleges did within their art courses and good luck to all the students who exhibited I hope they got something out of it.



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