New Designers 2015 build up!!

Getting excited about going to New Designers and I have been packing up and getting myself and everybody else on the stand ready to exhibit. I had two students visit yesterday and I helped them get their fabrics ready and did  mock ups on the wall in my studio. I really hope I will be able to get everything in my car!! I keep being given stuff to take down by all the other students. I really hope for all of our sakes we find some good contacts which will push us into good directions. We have all worked really hard and I hope the stand is going to look good and people will pass by and stop to have a look and a chat. I have my business cards at the ready and I have a delivery of postcards coming tomorrow morning. I am now starting to have sleepless night about it all!! I really hope and pray after all this effort it is a success.

I have posted photos on Instragram with a photo Rosie my little dog wearing a hat and sign around her neck telling everybody which stand we are on. I will be taking loads of photos of our stand and other things of interest at the show. I am hoping to have a few visitors which will be great, some people I haven’t seen for decades. Wish us luck and watch this space!!

We have on the stand the following;
Mandy Ledger who is displaying digital print and felt puppets. She was on my foundation degree course and has worked really hard to get where she is! she has some minor learning difficulties so needs a bit of help. She has recently become a grandmother.

Jane Pender has come back into education after a 5 year break to finish off her degree in textiles. She has a great selection of prints and dress fronts to show off. She is hoping that her designs will take her into the giftwrap and greetings card markets.

Sam Quinn will be showing a fabulous selection of leather trench coats she has designed and made. All lovely colours of natural leather. Sam has worked very hard with this collection and has to juggle a young family at the same time. She is hoping to find an investor and buyer for her coats.

Christiane Wandji I have not seen much of but I know she will be on the stand with her African evening wear dresses. I have not seen them yet and they sound really colourful I am sure they will add an air of the exotic to the stand.

Then there is me Charlotte Gaisford showing The Hermitage collection, of different fabrics and wallpapers for interiors. I have loads of cushions made from the fabrics and I am hoping to make a good impression and impact on the stand. I will be at the back of the stand overlooking the balcony.

As soon as I get back I will post a report on the whole exhibition and let you know what it was like to exhibit  the pros and the cons.


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